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Here Is What I'm About.

As a hands-on designer with over 5 years of experience, I am passionate about developing businesses, collaborating with teams, and transforming ideas into solutions. I believe that design exists to communicate and solve problems, and I strive to push the creative and functional boundaries in every project I work on. My design philosophy: "Creating for connections, designing for impact"

My skillset

What I do.

I've had the opportunity to work in cross-functional roles under the mentorship of industry professionals.

User Experience

I went to one of the country's first UX high schools. Not only did I gain a foundation in these UX principles, but I also uncovered a hidden passion for problem solving.

Visual Design

With an appreciation for the power of aesthetics and visuals. I aim to create designs that not only look good, but have the power to influence.

Strategy and Direction

I enjoy diving deep into research, exploring ideas, collaborating with teams, and using my skills to create a clear vision.

Web and App Design

This is where I truly discovered my passion for design and creativity. I use these skills to help developing businesses and non-profits.

Whats New.

Current Role

UX Speacialist

Center for Teaching and Learning↗
In this role, I work on the communications team to develop and maintain CTL products and services that help improve educational access across campus and assist instructors in effectively teaching their students.

Board Member

K-12 UX Education Foundation↗
Attending CAST Tech High School, one of the country's first UX high schools.  I learned how design can truly impact students. The foundation's goal is to implement user experience into the educational system  and providing early education in user experience.
Current Role

Design Student Ambassador

College of Fine arts↗
As a College of Fine Arts Ambassador, I represent the School of Design and Creative Technology. My responsibilities include welcoming prospective families and educating them about university life and the programs we offer in the college of fine arts.


When Kahlil speaks you better listen, is what comes to my mind when I think of Kahlil. I had the pleasure of working with him during the 2021 BEE Internship, an intensive 7-week summer paid internship open to high school students 16 and older. - I was particularly impressed by Kahlil’s steady energy and his ability to work with all types of personalities in stressful situations without ever getting rattled. - look forward to watching his career grow and an employer would be lucky to have Kahlil as part of their team.

CEO, BEE Project & Energy BEEs

Kahlil is an important part of the growth of the school, as he was one of the first few students chosen to lead tours of CAST Tech. Most importantly, he was involved from the beginning in our transition from having a digital media pathway to having the only User Experience (UX) Design high school pathway in the country. Kahlil is a student with heart and tenacity who will not only contribute to the workplace but who will continue to make a significant and positive difference in his community.


Kahlil is an extremely dedicated and disciplined scholar who has always caused me to marvel at the depths of his inquisitively creative mind and the levels of his brilliance- . I’ve seen him productively struggle through academic, career and life challenges, only for him to persevere until he successfully found the solutions he was searching for. He can foster greatness within your organization. We need people like Kahlil to help our organizations succeeding.

IB MYP Coordinator, SAISD

Kahlil is a natural when it comes to understanding people and connecting with them. He is entrepreneurial in nature, and highly creative. Kahlil has served as an intern for- (list of previous experiences). He stood out as a top contributor, and dependable performer at each of these positions. (web design work I did)-It looked so good that when I showed it to the CEO of a local bank, he asked for Kahlil by name to come work for them after he graduates!

Director & Founder, Students of Service



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