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I developed a visual art project using p5.js, transforming sound into dynamic waveform graphs with an FFT algorithm. I wanted this interaction to be comical, so it features a responsive rainbow effect that changes with sound levels, enhanced by color gradients and animations. The noise king prefers abosoute silence, and goes crazy otherwise.

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Transforming Sound into Visual Art with p5.js

I harnessed the power of p5.js to create an innovative visual representation of sound input, employing the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm. This advanced technique allows me to translate intricate sound wave data into a visually stunning waveform graph. This graph dynamically illustrates the frequency and amplitude of the sound, transforming auditory sensations into a captivating visual display.

A Symphony of Colors: The Rainbow Effect

To add an extra layer of engagement, I incorporated a mesmerizing rainbow effect that evolves in response to the sound level. This feature is not just a feast for the eyes; it's a technical marvel too. I meticulously designed color gradients and added animation effects to enhance the user experience. The result is a playful and engaging interaction that turns sound into a kaleidoscope of moving colors.

Responsive Growth: Interactive and Adaptable Design

My final touch was integrating mathematical principles and responsive design techniques to make the visual representation adapt in real-time. The character within the visualization grows and scales in harmony with changes in noise levels and screen sizes. This responsive and interactive element ensures that the experience is not only visually stunning but also highly engaging, making the art form adaptable to various environments and user interactions.



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