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Side Project

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Astrus, a concept store on UT Austin's campus, transforms a 50x50-foot abandoned coffee stand into a gallery for student artists. Inspired by the Da Chang Muslim Cultural Center, Marni's London store, and experimental retail, Astrus is a space for students to display and sell art, removing the cost, inventory, and reputation barriers that are often associated with traditional galleries and retail stores, while also allowing students to gain reputation and money.

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A Unique Concept Store on the UT Austin Campus.

For a project at UT Austin, I was given the opportunity to turn a small, abandoned coffee stand into a novel business venture on a 50 by 50 foot plot. My vision led to the creation of Astrus, a concept store designed specifically for student artists. Astrus is more than just a store; it's a vibrant environment in which aspiring artists can showcase and sell their work to the public. This model addresses a critical need among student artists by providing a platform for them to showcase their talents without the high costs and prestige barriers associated with traditional gallery spaces. My goal was to provide a platform for these artists, fostering a symbiotic environment in which both the artists and the community could thrive through art engagement and appreciation.

Cultivating a Creative Hub for Student Artists at UT Austin

My design for Astrus was inspired by the architectural beauty of the Da Chang Muslim Cultural Center and the interior sophistication of the Marni flagship store in London, with a focus on minimalism and an otherworldly atmosphere. The goal was to let the artwork take center stage, so that the interior design, while impactful, did not overshadow the art. This minimalist approach was deliberate, with the goal of creating a backdrop that enhances the visibility and impact of the artwork, ensuring that each visit to Astrus is unique. The design philosophy went beyond aesthetics, considering how space can change how art is perceived and experienced, resulting in a haven that feels both out of this world and deeply connected to the creative pulse of the student artists it serves.



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