Alice in Wonderland Chair

Side Project

Side Project

Intro to 3D: Industrial Design


Foam Core Drywall Speckle Heat Wire Clay

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We were tasked with creating a functional object inspired by the whimsical world of "Alice in Wonderland," with the specific challenge of using art supplies and adhering to certain size constraints. My journey in this project was a deep exploration into the fusion of fantasy and practical design. Combing confectionery and comfort, inspiration from Alice's transformative cakes in the story

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Crafting Fantasy into Function

In my introductory 3D design course, we took a journey that connected industrial design principles to the imaginative world of "Alice in Wonderland." Our task was to design everyday objects inspired by this fantastical universe, with the requirement that each piece be a specific size and made of foam core. This project was more than just learning 3D design; it was also about incorporating the whimsy of Alice's world into functional designs.

Accepting Challenges in Material and Design

My design process was a deep dive into both creativity and practicality. Inspired by the transformative cakes in "Alice in Wonderland," I imagined a chair that embodied the essence of those magical pastries. Initially, I experienced a significant setback. My first model, made of clay, crumbled unexpectedly, teaching me an important lesson in material suitability. This led me to drywall speckle, a rough but manageable, durable material that dried from bright pink to white. This discovery was pivotal, allowing me to precisely shape my chair while adding the finishing touches of paint and smoothing to make my vision a reality.

A Combination of Fantasy and Comfort

The result of my efforts was a chair that not only embodied the magic of Alice's adventures but also matched my personal style. I decorated it with a swirl pattern inspired by the story's cakes, as well as painted details and visual decals. The finished product was more than just a functional piece of furniture; it was a cozy, delicious-looking creation that demonstrated the skills and creativity I developed during my 3D design journey. This project combined fantasy and reality, demonstrating how imaginative narratives can inspire functional and delightful designs in the field of industrial design.



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