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Keep My Receipt

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Keep My Receipt


- Canva - G-Suite - Excel - Coolors - Figma

Team/ Role

- Grace Gordon - Nikhila Kurri - Kahlil Davis - Luke Allen


Keep My Receipt is a budgeting app and company that uses automation and NFC technology to automatically track receipts. Receipts are an important source of information for both customers and businesses, as they provide proof of purchases, savings, and potential tax deductions. Keep My Receipt simplifies budgeting by automatically tracking and organizing receipts, allowing users to gain a better understanding of their spending habits. 


Too many receipts, Too many Issues

Keep My Receipt addresses common issues with receipts, such as losing them, throwing them away, missing due dates, polluting the environment, and causing irritation for customer returns or reimbursements. We recognize that these issues frequently cause difficulties in tracking expenses, meeting deadlines, and sticking to a budget. When it comes to budgeting, having itemized categories of things ca

Is this app even needed?

We conducted surveys and interviewed potential users and business owners to determine the viability of this product. We discovered that the majority of respondents were dissatisfied with traditional receipt management methods and wanted a more streamlined solution. Furthermore, business owners emphasized a new potential benefit of Keep My Receipt for their own record-keeping and promotions.

Old problem, new solution

Based on user research and customer statistics, we created app features that address the pain points identified during our research. Among the features available are digital receipt storage, expense categorization, and receipt deadline reminders. We also included a loyalty and coupon program feature, which allows businesses to reward repeat customers.

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