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- Google Suite - Figma - Adobe Premiere pro

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- Kahlil Davis - Isaias Lozano - "JZ" Jozlynn Garcia - Johnathan Rodriguez


I collaborated with the energy and sustainability department of the San Antonio Independent School District to develop a solution to reduce annual energy consumption by 5–10%. We created an interactive challenge and experience as one of four interns in the inaugural 2021 BEE project internship, which created a routine for conserving energy and reducing energy waste.

We needed to reduce energy consumption by 5–10%

After installing several energy-efficient technologies and meters on SAISD campuses, the SAISD Energy and Sustainability Department was already operating at peak efficiency. Older buildings with outdated energy-saving technologies, as well as "energy waste" from building occupants, posed a challenge. To address this, they enlisted the help of the BEE Project.

We focused on the human consumption of energy.

We created a campaign that actively promoted energy conservation and educated building occupants on energy-saving practices, focusing on the energy factor of energy consumption. This included disseminating educational materials, developing awareness platforms, and employing design to make energy-saving practices more visible and accessible.

Its still being used almost one year later

Over 8,000 campaign copies were printed and distributed to 40 campuses after 9 months. Energy savings of 1.4 megawatts, or $400,000, are estimated. Nearly one year later, I visited a local high school and discovered that our campaign is still in classrooms and reducing energy consumption.

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