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Words of Wisdom


- Bubble.io - Figma - Adobe Suite - Whimsical.com

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- Content Design - Product Design - Developer


Words of Wisdom is a platform that provides users with advice they didn't know they needed. You can micro-dose daily doses of wisdom with this app, which provides bite-sized insights and guidance for personal growth or introspection. I went through a very rigorous design and development process as the app's sole designer and developer to ensure a simple user experience. 


Advice you didn't know you needed

The app's premise was "advice you didn't know you needed." This concept arose from the fact that, at the time, I was going through a lot of turmoil in my life, work, and school and needed a calling card to provide guidance and support. Additionally, I keep a list of quotes that have inspired me throughout my life, and I wanted to create a platform where others could find similar inspiration.

Standing out from the Crowd

I wanted the app to stand out from other user-generated platforms, so I created a bold design with vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics. In addition, I concentrated on developing a user-friendly interface that was both web- and mobile-friendly. It was both a rewarding and challenging experience to design and develop this product in the two weeks I had available, on top of works and finals.

Surprising turn of events

The final product of the app is something I'm really proud of, although there were a few development hiccups and some things I still want to improve. When I presented the idea to my class, they immediately flooded me with positive feedback, expressed interest in using the app themselves, and started pondering possible expansions and ideas.

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